Monday, January 20, 2020

Mindfulness. Noticing the Here. Noticing the Now. Reflecting on Then. Remembering When.

Mindfulness. Simple. Accessible. Make it your own.

Mindfulness allows you to notice, connect, and appreciate the Now.

A Mindfulness Practice can be a wonderfully enjoyable experience, especially when it’s kept simple.

Perhaps choose one thing, in or around your home that sparks interest or brings you joy - something that is constant; something that remains in the same place even as it evolves.

Check in with it at least once a day - it does not have to be at the exact same time each day.

Perhaps noticing when you notice it; or noticing when you’ve chosen to make the time to do so...
The process may be enlightening in some way.

When we “check in,” it allows us to notice... notice what we notice.

Get curious.

Your Mindfulness Practice allows the opportunity to notice You, in whatever place or space You choose.

Mindfulness allows you to connect with the Now - the Present Moment - and may allow you to notice, reflect, and appreciate all that is You, all the paths you have traveled, all the experiences that carried you and contributed to the wisdom that resides in you, at the present moment.

Your practice is personal.

But feel free to share.

No need to compare your practice to anyone else’s.

Slow down. Pause. Breathe. Smile. Notice. Appreciate.

Have fun

If you are interested in learning more about Mindfulness and ways to incorporate a Mindfulness Practice into your life, into your Garden, or anywhere in nature, my next Mindfulness in the Garden Workshop will be held at Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & NativePlants on Saturday, February 15th.
Feel free to click the links about, contact them for details, or stay tuned  - I will be announcing the event on Facebook soon. 😊
Then & Now ️ (L) Daily Dudleya, One year and one day ago. (R) Daily Dudleya, today ️ Also showcased is the ever beautiful Santa Cruz Island Buckwheat surrounding the Buddha and Dudleya in a beautiful embrace 
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