Saturday, January 27, 2018

Thursday Morning Vinyasa Flow

Morning Vinyasa Flow at A Fine Balance Yoga Therapy and  Wellness Studio

February 1st, 2018
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

I will be covering Cindy Miller's Thursday Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class at A Fine Balance Yoga Therapy and Wellness Studio in Anaheim Hills, CA

Class Description
All Levels class*
Class will begin by cultivating the connecting with mind, body, spirit, breath, and intention. 
Progressing to SLOW, graceful, breath-centered Vinyasa Flow, that offers opportunity to customize/modify the intensity of your practice to suit your energetic needs. 
Easing into guided meditation and final relaxation designed to find a sense of peace and renewed energy to  help you enjoy the rest of your day.

Grounding + Respiration + Movement +Stillness + Reflection = Inspiration

*Though the class is geared to "All Levels," you may feel more comfortable participating in any "Flow" class if you have some experience with basic yoga postures, and do not have any injuries that require a doctors care. If you do have any injuries or limitations, please be sure to inform your instructor before class, and to consult your primary care practitioner for clearance before engaging in any physical activity.

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