Friday, November 8, 2019

Mentoring Moment: Working with an Oncology Patient 11.08.2019

Mentoring Moment:
A simple Q & A, often inspired by a direct question/inquiry sent to me via text, email, FB Messenger, voice mail, or when responding to a social media post.

Today's Mentoring Moment was inspired by a social media post/question


“I have a client from a group yoga class that wants to start working privately with me, mostly with intentions of working with meditation. She was recently diagnosed with cancer, just had her first chemo treatment and feels my offerings will be very supportive for her (🙏). Any words of wisdom, or tips are appreciated. I feel pretty comfortable working with her during this time in her life, though I have not actually worked one on one with somebody through cancer treatments. Much gratitude for whatever you feel inspired to share” 
[a social media question from a FB group member]

Mentoring Moment/My Response:

Trust your student and your experience to create this journey together.
She reached out to you for what you have already been offering.

Many people who claim to be “experts” on working with cancer patients will want to offer the “best” thing to do. Please, do not allow “experts” to make you second guess what your student has already told you she values. 😊

Keep the conversation open.

Knowing that each person’s journey with cancer is unique, allow the two of you to create the format that will be best for her.

Bring her oncologist into the conversation and find out the time frame for treatments and procedures.

Do your own investigation and find out about her list of medications and all the possible side effects.

You will learn so much together.

Enjoy this journey.

Sending lots of love and support,
Melissa Adylia Calasanz C-IAYT, E-RYT, YACEP

A NOTE about these Mentoring Moments
These are casual responses, open for further discussion. My responses are in no way intended to be used in place of medical advice. I encourage everyone to contact their trusted healthcare providers and integrative healthcare team before changing plan of care or incorporating any new practices to their daily routine.

What Would You Suggest?
Please feel free to comment with your advice and suggestions. 

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