Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sustainable California Native Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy the way Mother Nature intended
Not in a bottle, but at your fingertips...

Aromatherapy the way Mother Nature intended, is not in a bottle, but at your fingertips.

Sustainable, seasonal, multi-sensory, free of herbicides and pesticides, locally sourced, and grown with love, and respect for Mother Nature and all the beautiful living things she sustains.

Beautiful Aromatic California Native Plants offer multi-sensory healing benefits ❤️ 
Notice all the beautiful textures, colors, shapes of the plants in the photos above.

Pictured in the photo above

Condea emoryi 
(Desert Lavender)

Ribes viburnifolium
(Catalina Perfume/Evergreen Currant)

Artemisia tridentata
(Great Basin Sagebrush/Big Basin Sage)

Salvia apiana
(White Sage)

Artemisia californica
(California Coastal Sagebrush)

*NOTE: Please do not pick plants, flowers, or seeds in the wild. Countless critters rely on these plants for food and shelter; the drought, fires, and development has greatly diminished these plants in open spaces. :)

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