Certified Yoga Therapist

Mind - Breath - Body - Intention
Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga
Inspiring Compassionate Self-Care and Mindful Movement

Therapeutic Yoga 
Restorative Yoga
Care and Prevention of Injuries
Pain and Discomfort associated with Pelvic Floor Issues
Chronic Pain
SI Joint Dysfuntion

Therapeutic Yoga-Inspired Workshops & Classes
Restorative Yoga
Yoga for the Hypermoblie Community
Yoga for People with Low Back Pain
Yoga for People with SI Joint Dysfunction
Compassionate Self-Care & Mindful Movement
Mindfulness-Based Pain Management
Mindfulness-Based Stress Management
Exploring the Pelvic Floor
Connecting the Breath with Subtle Movement
Compassionate Self-Care for Chronic Pain
Mindful Movement for Chronic Pain
Discomfort associated with Pelvic Floor Issues
Mindful Movement
Walking Meditation
Horticulture Therapy
Mindfulness in the Garden 1-day Retreats
Integrating Mind, Breath, Body, with Movement with Intention
Guided Meditation, Relaxation, and Imagery for Improved Mental and Physical Performance

Restorative Yoga Workshops & Classes
Restorative Yoga for the Hypermobile/Flexible Body
Restorative Yoga for People with Low Back Pain
Restorative Yoga for People with SI Joint Dysfunction
Restorative Yoga for People with Chronic Pain
Restorative Yoga for Pelvic Floor Discomfort

Care and Prevention of Injuries Series
Becoming Your Best Health Care Advocate
The Proper Warm Up
Your Feet are Your Foundation
Your Hands Hold So Much
Our Breath and Our Pelvic Floor/Core
Identify, Isolate, Articulate, Integrate
Integrating the Mind, Breath, Body, & Intention 
Understanding the Balance between Strength & Flexibility

Rest and Recovery
Guided Imagery for Optimal Performance 
Guided Imagery for Recovery

Classes Available
1-on-1 Private Session
Duo and Small Groups
In Home
On Location

Contact for rates and availability 
Melissa Adylia Ciayt
at gmail
dot com

The Holistic Approach to Mind/Body Health & Wellness
"How we tend to our garden should reflect how we'd approach the relationship with a most cherished loved one: Mindfully, with compassionate kindness, daily interest, loving respect, and patience. And the same should be said for how we approach our health and wellness." 
-Melissa Adylia Calasanz





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