Gentle Flow Yoga Class

Calming Yet Energizing Breath-Centered Mindful Movement
This class is designed for participants of ALL LEVELS 
Class begins by Opening the Communication with Mind, Breath, Body, and Intention through grounding, breath-supported visualization, which enables you to warm your body from the inside out.
The class will progress to offer sequencing that includes more challenging, flowing postures, but you will always be encouraged to listen to your mind and body, and are free to continue participating at your level. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED to continue your practice with any modifications and props, subtle movement, visualization, or just being present in mindful stillness.
Class will end with a guided Meditative Body Scan, to help bring a sense of peace to your life, and to cultivate an appreciation for your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

NOTE   Even if movement is a challenge for you right now; being present and visualizing yourself doing a physical activity has been proven to be a powerful resource on your mind/body/healing journey-providing many of the same benefits as participating physically.

Whether you are new to Yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you will enjoy being mindfully lead while exploring and nurturing your mind, breath, body, and intention.

Each class will progress with consideration to all participants.

If you have any specific concerns/limited mobility, please arrive early to inform your instructor before class begins.

What to Wear
Wear comfortable clothing that allows full range of motion while maintaining modesty. 
To ensure the comfort and serenity of all participants, please leave all fragrance, perfume, cologne, and aromatic essential oils at home.

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